YOKOKO Milan Collection Luxury Chocolate Gift Box


Our Milan Collection luxury chocolate gift box contains three 100g bars of our sublime chocolate. Elegantly packaged in a satin black gift box and tied with a bow for stylish impact.

Sea salt milk chocolate (35% minimum cocoa solids, 22% minimum milk solids). Delicious, creamy and infused with Cornish Sea Salt™.

Lime & ginger dark chocolate (55% minimum cocoa solids). Rich & velvety dark chocolate topped with crystallised stem ginger and infused with natural lime oil.

Lemon posset white chocolate (Cocoa solids 29% minimum, milk solids 23% minimum). Rich & creamy white chocolate infused with natural lemon oil.

Handcrafted in the UK with expert knowledge and love. Made with sustainably sourced cocoa from The Ivory Coast.

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